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26 04 2012

Although not a ‘new’ topic, we’re seeing lots of customer confusion at the moment around mobile apps and whether businesses should be investing in this channel.  Unlike a website, the act of choosing, downloading and loading an app implies a degree of loyalty or more than a passing interest in your brand, and offers the ability to market again and again to a user who has your shop in their hand, or their pocket.  Here’s a rundown of the advantages of having a mobile app:

-Provides customers with a truly multi-channel offering

-Increases loyalty and engagement from customers via special offers and discounts

-Provides customers with a simple way to purchase on the move

-Brand awareness and differentiation from competitors

-Communicates with customers anytime, anywhere

-Geolocation marketing –to send customers a offer to use at a physical store near their location

-Provides a constant visual reminder of your brand

-Revenue generator

As with anything, the need for an app really depends on each individual business but the below questions should give you a good idea of whether or not it’s something that you should be thinking about:

-Is it something your customers are demanding?

-Are you seeing a large percentage of your website hits coming via mobile traffic?

-Is competitor action forcing it up the agenda?

-Is it right for your target market?

-Do you have lots of repeat customers?

-Can you offer something that will be of use to your customers?

Office Shoes are a great example of a brand that has taken this technology and adapted it for their business.  The Office app was developed after the Ecommerce team at Office discovered enormous growth in mobile traffic and realised the need for a fully multi-channel experience.

Working with Sage Pay partner Sovoia, the Sage Pay system was integrated into the  background of the app, meaning a seamless shopping experience for Office customers.   The functionality of the Office app allows customers to search by shoe size, brand, colour and size and includes a section dedicated to promoting exclusive deals for mobile customers.

The app is fully integrated with their existing web presence and links through to the Office shoes Facebook, blog and lookbook.  Launched earlier this year, it’s early to look at the conversion rates as a factor of success, however based on initial downloads, the App has exceeded download expectations and has broken into the top 10 Free Lifestyle Apps in the UK App store.

Office Shoes are our chosen Business of the Month for April for creating an app which is not only useful to their target market but harnesses the power of their brand and increases the loyalty of the Office customer-base.

You can read more about the Office app here.

Congratulations to the Office team! Your award is winging it’s way to you.



One response

27 04 2012

Does sagepay have any plans in place to come up with any kind of integration for Barclays pingit?
I dont see it being ‘the next big thing’ but if we could integrate and offer it, it would be a nice simple alternative way of accepting payments.

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