New blog, new everything

20 01 2010

Welcome to my first blog! 

The Sage Pay team will be working really hard to improve everything we do this year. I want to highlight some of the things I’m most excited about and will do that in several blog postings over the next couple of weeks.

The first is around how we communicate with customers, partners and developers. We have significant plans for this year which incorporate a new website, the relaunch of our partner programme and an overhaul of how we engage with developers including providing them with new style kits. When we rebranded last April as Sage Pay we launched a new website as you would expect.  However, we’re not satisfied with it’s capabilities and so our marketing and development teams have been working for some time now to design and build something that will enable us to provide a lot more value. The change involves moving from an Adobe content management system to Drupal, an open source platform and we’ll also be integrating it with a  new knowledgebase. So this is more than brochure-ware we’re talking about!

It will mean that we can communicate and connect in a much more integrated manner and cater for you, whatever your preferences. So for example, while our telephone support is unsurpassed, sometimes you prefer to quickly go online and get the answer yourself, rather than make a call.  In fact the personal example I give, is that I often want to resolve a query on a companies website using self-service because I’m on the phone to someone else at the same time, usually my Mum! We’re looking to go live by March and it’ll be great to see your feedback. It will also be the same time that I take my first steps with Twitter….


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3 responses

21 01 2010
jarrod normie

Dear Simon,

i have the same trouble, my mum is always calling for no reason what so ever,

though i am trying to oraganise a wedding, this faciltiy would come in handy, unfortunatley you don’t go live till march and that is when my wedding is, of course you are invited…. wedding list at john lewis.

speak to you soon..


17 02 2010
Steven Conroy

Hi there.

Just a couple of suggestions I hope you will be able to incorporate into the new “MySagePay” interface:

1. Make the default dates for viewing transactions yesterday+today instead of today+tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes!

2. Put a “Back” button at the top of the transaction detail screen as well as the bottom.

These would provide improved functionality from my point of view.

Good luck

17 02 2010

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your comments and feedback. I’ll certainly pass your comments through to the team who are refreshing My Sage Pay. It’s always great to have feedback from customers like yourself who are using the systems on a daily basis.
Check back here for more updates in the coming weeks!


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